Pearl Lands Sci-fi Strategy Board Game

2nd Edition is available now!

Perfect game for your game night.

Pearl Lands Board Game is a 2-4 players new space themed sci-fi strategy game to play with your friends and family. It is a perfect choice for a family or friends’ game night. Easy-to-learn simple rules, rapid development of strategy, and quick game play time! 2nd Edition of the game comes with  more mainstream game design with compact packaging.

Pearl Lands was created in 2017 by board game enthusiast (us) to play a strategy game with less nerdy friends.  Pearl Lands is a galactic quest of ultra-dominance, a space war between planets where players battle and deceive opponents to gain advantage and get ahead in the space race. Game has different strategy elements like attacking opponents to steal their resources, trading resources and using universe cards to change the course of the game (sometimes just slightly and sometimes drastically). Its combat mechanics is similar to Risk, while trade aspect gives it more like a Catan style strategy element. However there is no tile or troop movement factor that complicate things: it’s designed to be fun and straightforward, all players having a chance to win, even in the final end triggering turn.

Pearl Lands board game is the best birthday present for a sci-fi fan or space enthusiast; a unique Christmas gift idea, and perfect ruffle giveaway or other gifting occasion. It is a great choice for your game night idea. Bet no one ever heard of Pearl Lands board game yet 🙂

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Pearl Lands How to Play Video

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